Success in Aerospace homologation

Pioneering in cooling liquid technology as applied in aerospace industries

Long-term experience provides us the knowledge to formulate modern state-of-the-art liquids demanded by today’s aerospace TIER-1 and TIER-2 suppliers in aerospace.

Profound knowledge of how modern chemistry pairs with conformities required by aerospace approvals, resulted in receiving the most stringent aerospace approvals.

Such as a.o. AIRBUS AIMS 12-10-000,  SNECMA PR-6300, Bombardier BAMS 569-001, Safran PCS-4001 and Boeing BAC 5008.

Our specialisation offers the aerospace industry products that can be applicated for almost all alloys concerned, such as specific aerospace copper alloys, Maraging 2520, Inconel 718, stainless steel AISI 321 and aerospace aluminium alloys ranges 2000-5000-6000-7000.